Mission and vision

Com.press is a scientific journal focused on the issues of the media and social communication. The quarterly was created on the initiative of doctoral students of media studies and became another scientific journal of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University published by the Institute of Journalism, Media and Communication.

Com.press is a marketplace of ideas where researchers can publish their scientific, research, and theoretical articles on the subject of media, both old and new, social communication at various levels and between different actors, as well as on the innovative use of media for communication in journalism, marketing, politics and the public sphere.

We would like to invite all young scholars, especially those who are interested in media and communication studies, to publish in the journal. Com.press serves as a platform where they can exchange their observations and present interesting research results in the open access formula. By publishing articles in an electronic form, available for download on the magazine’s dedicated website, and by adapting the texts to the e-book standards, Com.press aims to increase the citation rates of the young scientists’ publications.

The goal of the journal is to pursue an innovative approach to content distribution, and therefore, the efforts are being made to make its content available on specialized scientific platforms. In addition, the editorial team seeks to ensure the shortest possible time of the preparation of subsequent editions and systematic publication of the content, which is particularly important in view of the issues raised in Com.press.