Call for papers „Fake news in media”


Call for papers „Fake news in media” Scientific journal. Communication and media studies

No. 4 – October 2018

„Fake news in media”

The phenomenon of canards in the media has been known for a long time but with the development of new technologies, more and more false or distorted information appears on the Internet and social media. The overlapping phenomena of information noise, tabloidization of news, virals, and the broader phenomenon of cybercrime all lead to the increase of misinformation among the audiences. These very important subjects will be raised in the fourth issue of

We are looking forward to the articles which focus on the purposes of fake news and the intentions of their authors: entertainment, propaganda in the new media, black PR, etc., as well as the marginalization of truth, the role of sensational information in the media, ways to counteract fake news, possibilities to verify information, and broadly understood threats of fake news.

Some subjects which the articles may discuss include:

– forms of propaganda on the Internet;

– canards and fake news;

– the role of sensational news in the media;

– misinformation in the age of new media.


We also welcome articles on other topics related to communication and media.

The due date for articles submissions is 15th August 2018.

The text of the article, together with a short note about the author, the author’s photo, and the statement of consent for publication should be sent to:

For additional information on submitting articles, publishing rules, guidelines for authors, and the template of the statement of consent for publication, see the „For Authors” tab.

All articles will be available in open access formula.