Call for papers „Changes in politics versus changes in media”


Call for papers „Changes in politics versus changes in media” Scientific journal. Communication and media studies

No. 2 – April 2018

„Changes in politics versus changes in media”

Political decisions and changes in law may affect both traditional and new media. Therefore, the second issue of will focus on relations between changes in politics and in media.

We are looking forward to articles which raise the subjects of altering the balance of forces in politics, changing the law etc. and their consequences for the media. Texts focusing on the changes in media management patterns and in the media content itself are also welcomed, as well as ones that concentrate on the populist ideas and initiatives on politics-media relations.


Some subjects which the articles may discuss include:

– changes in law and their impact on media landscape;

– subscription fee and freedom of expression;

– politics in the public and privately-owned media coverage;

– political and media polarization;

– the impact of media on politics.



We also welcome articles on other topics related to communication and media.

The due date for articles submissions is 31st March 2018.

The text of the article, together with a short note about the author, the author’s photo, and the statement of consent for publication should be sent to:

For additional information on submitting articles, publishing rules, guidelines for authors, and the template of the statement of consent for publication, see the „For Authors” tab.

All articles will be available in open access formula.