Call for papers „The role of media in the civil dialogue”

Fot. Ramjheetun Elodie /

Call for papers „The role of media in the civil dialogue” Scientific journal. Communication and media studies

No. 3 – July 2018

„The role of media in the civil dialogue”

The media play different roles in the civic dialogue: the communication channel, the forum for discussion, the marketplace of ideas where people can exchange their experiences and join forces in common initiatives. The third issue of will focus on the multidimensionality of the media in the civil dialogue.

We are looking forward to articles raising the subjects of opportunities and challenges related to the use of the media, in particular, new media, in the civil dialogue; the evolution of the concept of civil dialogue from the media development perspective; the ways the media are used in the civil society, basing on the specific examples; and content analysis of the media from the third sector’s perspective.

Some subjects which the articles may discuss include:

– the civil dialogue in the public sphere of media;

– social campaigns and the role of new media in civil dialogue;

– the third sector in the new media;

– the media as an actor in civil dialogue;

– environmental media as the third sector of media.



We also welcome articles on other topics related to communication and media.

The due date for articles submissions is 15th June 2018.

The text of the article, together with a short note about the author, the author’s photo, and the statement of consent for publication should be sent to:

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All articles will be available in open access formula.